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but first let's decide a theme

Website Themes

One of the biggest factors should be the branding and overall tone of your website. One of the most difficult things, when creating a website is choosing the right theme. The colours and themes will create online persona of the website. If you have noticed I have created my website into two themes - Light and Dark.

You can either choose Light, Dark or your own colours, this is just an example. In the end, it's your own personal choice.

Light Theme

You can either choose the Light..

  • Great for Blogs

  • Gives Professional Looks 

  • Online Shops

Dark Theme

Or you can choose the Dark Side.

  • When reading content is less

  • Perfect to Highlight elements

  • Great for Galleries


Adding Depth to your Pages

More Parallax

It comes in all sizes and shapes, scroll up and down using the scroll bar to see the effect more evidently. 


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